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RE: Future Technology? Was: Playing vs. building ...


I just want to throw in a comment on this thread because I have
experienced that almost any thing you can dream up, regarding your
musical expression, can be made to happen. I have always guessed that
this should be true but only now when I have been around for almost a
half century I dare to say that this is likely to be the way things are.
My theory goes along with what Jung was talking about and I do think
there are certain "musical archetypes" that all humans have in common at
the very deepest level of our individual minds. This gives that you
really can not imagine a sound, or a performance attitude for your
playing, that really is an "aimless and nameless pseudo-need". You can
of course make the decision to not make it happen but it will still be
there in your mind, as an option. And whatever you hear with your inner
ear can be brought out for others to experience as well. 

But there is a missing link that you have to put into place for things
to start happening, and this could mean some hard work. You have to
define a "palette" for translating your subjective musical experience to
air waves. Here's where that old Miles Davis quotation comes in handy:
"Learn everything,  then forget about it and play" (or whatever he
said... Anyway, you get the pic). Today you could as well say "Read and
memorize all manuals, then forget about it and start programming".

Musical expression and communication is not different from other human
activities. If you want it to happen in the real world you have to
"market it" (setting up your "palette"). But IMHO this does not at all
interfere with the fact that it all comes from dreams and visions. 

Best wishes

Per Boysen