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Re: Playing an instrument vs. building an instrument...

  As I said to Per, I wasn't writing off dreams!   absolutely never!
<smile>   It's just that the comments I read at the later part of this
thread seemed to take on the character of a dream with no subject at all,
and then judging that against something to simply say something's better
than something else, when it could just as easily have been just said as an
opinion, that's all.  -Hope that makes sense...



At 06:33 AM 8/25/03 EDT, you wrote:
>>   What I don't understand, is the desire for more and more and more of a
>>  "better" something that may not even be defined yet, to create 
>>  that one isn't even aware of, and doesn't seem to be going toward now.
>>  Dreaming is wonderful and so very important, but this sounds like a 
>>  aimless and nameless pseudo-need to me.  
>hi Cara
>From a software developers' point of view it makes sense
>to dream first, and write the code later.
>The worst thing to do with a piece of software is set out with
>one target in mind, then add stuff afterwards, it actually
>makes for more bugs that way.
>There have been a lot of good suggestions on this thread,
>if anything people have been somewhat restrained.
>There's people out there who have a really strong vision
>of what they want to achieve with their music, surely 
>it can't hurt for them to imagine a future technology
>that will help them to do this.
>If you want to stick with the stuff you have and work with
>that, then that's great, that's what that "stuff" is for.
>...but don't you ever think
>andy butler  


  "The only things I really think are important, are love, and eachother.
-Then, anything is possible..."  


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