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Re: Playing an instrument vs. building an instrument...

  -Just a little bit more on this.  I actually was looking for people to
express vision rather than a sort of amorphous desire which they thought
was somehow better than something here now.   Does that clarify it at
all?...   Have a nice day...   



At 06:33 AM 8/25/03 EDT, you wrote:
>>   What I don't understand, is the desire for more and more and more of a
>>  "better" something that may not even be defined yet, to create 
>>  that one isn't even aware of, and doesn't seem to be going toward now.
>>  Dreaming is wonderful and so very important, but this sounds like a 
>>  aimless and nameless pseudo-need to me.  
>hi Cara
>From a software developers' point of view it makes sense
>to dream first, and write the code later.
>The worst thing to do with a piece of software is set out with
>one target in mind, then add stuff afterwards, it actually
>makes for more bugs that way.
>There have been a lot of good suggestions on this thread,
>if anything people have been somewhat restrained.
>There's people out there who have a really strong vision
>of what they want to achieve with their music, surely 
>it can't hurt for them to imagine a future technology
>that will help them to do this.
>If you want to stick with the stuff you have and work with
>that, then that's great, that's what that "stuff" is for.
>...but don't you ever think
>andy butler  


  "The only things I really think are important, are love, and eachother.
-Then, anything is possible..."  


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