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Re: Stereo EDP

Not everyone chooses to go to art school.  We all make our choices, and 
consequences follow.   EDPs and Repeaters are not, in the scale of 
things, terribly expensive.

I'll ask again: how much money would you *pay* for a software version 
of the EDP?


> PLEASE.  I had a decent guitar (that I had purchased before college) 
> and amp but was mostly broke during college.  There was no way I could 
> have afforded an EDP at any point while I was in school.  After rent 
> and tuition and supplies (art school) there was little left for gear.  
> Luckily I had purchased a JamMan for $311 before I started school.  
> Not everyone gets mommy and daddy's help.

> My rent is $1400 a month and my wife's job has her at part time at a 
> fraction of what she made before the bubble burst.