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Re: Stereo EDP

--- Travis <tiktok@sprintmail.com> wrote:
> Not everyone chooses to go to art school.  We all make our choices, and 
> consequences follow.   EDPs and Repeaters are not, in the scale of 
> things, terribly expensive.

Maybe not in your scale of things. A "stereo EDP" costs more then my car. 
I have
to have a car, given where I live and what I do for a living. I don't have 
have an EDP. I can't justify it with my family budget in my income being 
they are, certainly not two of 'em. 

You guys can rave on all you want, but the simple fact is that in TODAY's 
world, virtually every box you can buy is stereo. People expect that today,
whether they need it or not. Some -really- need it, some don't, but it 
should be
there because it's there on all the other gear you buy. I bought a $100 
effect recently. It was stereo. 

And frankly, I don't care for someone telling me what I need when I'm the 
sitting with my rig going "crap, I need a mixer now." I have to buy MORE 
GEAR for
the sole reason of WORKING AROUND basic product deficiencies like signal 
incompatibilities or the fact that there's one box in the mix that's not 
You have to expect that sort of thing if you use a bunch of old used gear, 
don't complain too much about the signal level problems with my 
Vortex...it's 15
years old! But if I bought a brand new piece of gear, it should be up to 
basic standards.

> I'll ask again: how much money would you *pay* for a software version 
> of the EDP?

I'd rather have the hardware box. Even if it's overpriced, it's still 
then software will ever be. Software is the black hole of neverending 
First, you have to buy the computer...which is outdated the day you open 
the box,
even if it's the top of the line, best you can buy. It'll be obsoleted in 
years, tops. IF you buy the high end of the technology spectrum, you're 
going to
pay a lot. Sure, you can buy a capable laptop for $900...but it's last 
technology and will be obsolete much sooner. Software constantly grows, 
and requires more resources...which your old machine will eventually not 
have. So
any computer-based thing will require you to keep buying it...over...and
over...and over. It's like putting gas in your car. Budget $1000 a year for
computer hardware to stay somewhere close to current. And then many 
charge you for software updates too. 

Here's your scenerio, that upgrade to XP-2006 isn't free, in fact, it 
costs a
bundle, but...gee, the nifty new version of the Megalooper software only 
runs on
that...and this is the version when they finally added the feedback 
have to upgrade. Man, my hard drive isn't big enough for all this, and I 
have enough memory...


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