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Re: Stereo EDP

on 8/25/03 8:22 PM, Greg House at ghunicycle@yahoo.com wrote:

> And frankly, I don't care for someone telling me what I need when I'm 
>the one
> sitting with my rig going "crap, I need a mixer now." I have to buy MORE 
> for
> the sole reason of WORKING AROUND basic product deficiencies like signal 
> incompatibilities or the fact that there's one box in the mix that's not
> stereo.

That was my basic point.

The EDP not doing stereo looping is potentially disappointing. If you've 
stereo signals and you want to loop them and walk away, a stereo looper is
pretty important. If you've got sounds that you have carefully placed in 
stereo field, a stereo looper is pretty important. But if stereo were 
critical all the time, you'd think that more mix boards would have stereo
effects sends instead of mono sends.

Not being stereo friendly, however -- i.e., not having stereo throughs --
means that the EDP rapidly forces a need for a mixer as well and that costs
both money and rack space. (Or it forces a need for a second EDP that will
allow you to work in stereo for most but not quite all features.)

Being mono isn't necessarily a huge barrier to entry. Not being able to 
nicely with stereo equipment without help is a barrier to entry in all but
the simplest setups and in those setups its a pain that you've got to find 
place to balance a rack mount item and hook up a separate foot pedal.