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RE: Stereo EDP

I had these 'stereo issues' over the EDP, but over the few years I've
had mine, I've grown increasingly attached to its power, immediacy and
accuracy of timing. Its priceless having  zero latency feedback from
what I feed into it with all the options available to arrange,
manipulate, undo or start over again. This piece of kit lends itself to
exploration of real time musical creativity like nothing else out there.

To the point where it became a 'no brainer' to get a second one. Having
the option to go from a tight stereo looper to two independent, tightly
synced mono loopers, with different loop lengths, one in reverse/half
time/different loop, etc etc while the other stays the same or changes
in parallel or a radically different direction: big No Brainer. My
guitars and synths and voice and handdrums can take on new life, in a
synergy with the Machines.  And the cost of entry is not unreasonable
for the keys to a deep universe of possibility.