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Re: Stereo EDP

What, are you on drugs?  Demoted to esoterica is dead in my book.  Hard 
disk recording didn't kill tape?  It sure did.  When was the last time 
you saw a tape based looper in a store?  When was the last time it was 
manufactured?  Sure, there will be die hard people who will still hold 
on to old technology, but as a mainstream thing it will be gone.  I 
can't remember when the last time I saw a cassette for sale.  Vinyl is 
dead to most consumers and only pressed for DJs who still cling to it 
because of it's certain characturistics.  Guess what?  I'm reading more 
and more DJ publications where hard core vinyl fans are moving to the 
digital side due to new CD decks like the Pioneer CDJ1000 and the Denon 
DN-S5000 which give all the flexibility of vinyl with the ability to 
burn a CD with anything you want in it and not have to lug crates of 
vinyl around to each gig.

The Pod may not have killed the tube amp, but I'm sure it's made a dent 
in it's hull.  Fender and Vox are making virtual tube amps.  I use a 
Johnson and I love it, dare I say, almost as much as my Ampeg.  Virtual 
tube emulation is still new, give it time.  I'm sure it will make tube 
gear less and less viable for many manufacturers.

Will DJ Spooky be selling all his vinyl soon?  Not likely.  From a 
manufacturer's point of view it's mostly dead though.  We could argue 
for days about the merits of old technology, and there are many.  Some 
resurface, like analog synthesis.  However, lots of people look at the 
new Moog synth with it's wood sides and say, "I'll take the Korg MS2000 
for 1/5 the price of the Moog thank you."

BTW, They Might Be Giants use a wax cylinder recorder on one of their 
songs.  Pretty cute.

Mark Sottilaro (who'd pay $200-$300 for a software looper that did what 
he wanted)

On Monday, August 25, 2003, at 07:22  AM, Travis wrote:

> Near as I can tell, nothing in the music gear industry ever gets 
> killed, except for maybe wax cylinder recorders.