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FS: Nord Modular Rack - $600

I recently got a NM keyboard so I've decided to sell my Nord Modular
Rack unit. It is in *excellent* shape and comes with the rack ears,
original box, and original CDrom.

I am asking $600 which I think is a *very* fair price for this unit (it
is perfect functionally and VERY nice cosmetically). I will take SERIOUS
offers as well. Buyer pays shipping or pickup in Phila PA (will deliver
nearby for free if we work it out as well.)

All buyers must confirm via phone so if you want it send me your # and
I'll call you on my dime to speed things up.  I will take offers but the
unit is SOLD to the first person to offer $600 at my terms so if you
want it it's yours ASAP at that price. I'm posting it to these lists
first and the 'net at large later tonight.

I can accept paypal but you would need to pick up the fees, otherwise a
USPS MO is usually best. I have a ton of references and so if you have
any questions feel free to email me.

Most people know what this unit is but if you'd like more info try here

Better yet listen to it in action on my web page:
(All the songs in the "handheld music" album were done with this piece)