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Re: Plugzilla (was: "Stereo EDP")

The advantage with a box like this is that because it's dedicated to 
playing only VST plug ins, you won't have latency issues that a PC 
would running a USB interface.  It's actually 24 bit 96 khz.  My guess 
is you'd probably have better overall audio specs.  The price tag in 
this is still high.  It lists for $3500 with 250 plug ins.  When you 
get down to what you'd pay for a laptop, 250 plug ins and a 24 
bit/96khz audio interface, $3000 isn't all that bad, but like I said 
before, this is the first of it's kind and prices will plummet like 
they always do on gear like this.

Mark Sottilaro

On Monday, August 25, 2003, at 02:46  AM, Per Boysen wrote:

>> From: Mark Sottilaro [mailto:sine@zerocrossing.net]
> http://www.plugzilla.com/Folder.2002-09-28.2833/News_Item.2003-03-
> 02.1700
>> Trust me.  If not this unit, it's offspring.
>> Popularity will rise, prices will fall.
> I scanned that site but could find no price tag for this monster?
> Personally I would prefere a rack mountable PC or a "mini PC" (with a
> flat screen or/and a projector provided by the venue). But not until I
> find the right software for it (next thing to check out is that "Linux
> EDP rip-off").
> Regards
> Per Boysen