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Re: Kaoss Pad

Yes, it has a phono preamp, high z mic pre and will also take a line 
line in.  It has all of those inputs and a toggle switch.  It's da bomb.

Sounds to me that you pretty much can't resist buying any piece of gear 
at all.

Best of all, it's a bonafied looper.  You have two different loop 
memory locations and you can apply any preset to either of them.

Dude, are you trying to latch on to my looper become DJ movement?  
BOIEEEE! <makes gang signs>  Actually, we should probably both hit Matt 
D and Jon E up for guidance on this subject, as they are old school.  


On Monday, August 25, 2003, at 12:05  PM, Relay wrote:

> Hi gear boys (mainly) and girls (two that I've met),
> I am running out of the strength to resist buying the new Kaoss Pad.  
> Help
> me by telling me I cannot plug my existing turntable output into it and
> sample ausio from records (remember those?  Made of old dinosaur 
> droppings?)
> without a preamp--another way of asking this question is, is there a 
> preamp
> in it?
> What is, is.  What is not, is not. Is not what is?
> Gary
> PS  Turntables need a preamp--right?
> This thing preamplifies turntables, right?  As a DJ tool (my new stage
> name)?
> Grateful for any help,
> G