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Re: Cranky Kim

Kim wrote:
> >Whether poor people think it is expensive or not doesn't really 
> >matter, because no matter what price it is they don't ever buy it 

This sounds like a very cynical take on things. Getting things into the 
purchase", or even the "minimal thought" price ranges certainly DO increase
sales...especially for "take it or leave it" type specialty items. 

I think this is the reason the Boomerang never really "took off". It was 
$200 too expensive. Likewise with the EDP. The high entry price restricts 
it to
people who REALLY WANT it, and that means it'll never be a big seller.

Besides that, I think you're wrong that there are "cutoff prices" for 
types of things. Perhaps my proof is anticdotal, but it's my personal 
If the EDP had been $500 a couple of years ago, I probably would have 
bought one
instead of the Repeater that I did buy. Why? Because that's as much money 
as I
had at the time and the Repeater was available at that price. The features 
cool, but I didn't really even know what I wanted in a looper at that 
time, I
just wanted something a little more powerful then the borrowed DL4 I was 
The extra $200 for the EDP is the primary reason I picked the Repeater.

I've since learned to like some of it's other features, like multiple 
pitch shifting, and persistant loop storage, which would differentiate it, 
the simple fact that the EDP had such good support on this forum would have
pushed me in that direction if the price had been the same.

Now, don't get me wrong (especially my more crabby sounding post from last
night). I UNDERSTAND why the EDP costs what it does. It's a specialty 
item, sold
into a small specialty market, with low demand and high development costs. 
means the price will be high. That doesn't mean I like it that way. It's 
just sad
to me that more people don't see the point, to where it could sell enough 
to be a
good selling item. At that point, the prices could drop and it'd be viable 
update the 15 year old hardware and bring it up to date. In the mean time, 
take it or leave it 'cause it's the only thing available anything like it, 
that's a bummer.


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