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Re: reaktor, MSP, etc

that's a good question.  I'll have to load up the 'ol patch tonight and 
check it out to be sure.
In the meantime, I'll say I *think* I could do what you're asking.  
I've managed to set it up so that I don't get problems with clicks/gaps 
while I play grooves (fwiw I'm a bass player), and I must end up 
playing over the bar line (and that is to say, the record end point) 
sometimes - even on the initial pass.  Also, thinking about the way it 
works it shouldn't be a problem: it writes values in a buffer up to the 
very last sample position and then writes the next value into the first 
sample position and continues writing samples over the now existing 
buffer.  when it plays back it draws from the last sample and the first 
sample the later immediately after the former, same as it was recorded. 
  Provided there's no pause or glitch on either record or playback, 
there should be no problem.  Provided that theory is correct, it's all 
a matter of design after that.
I'll test the theory tonight.


On Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 01:30 AM, SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:
> thanks for that Nathan,
> is that totally seamless though?
> i.e. you keep playing a sustained note while hitting the
> "ends record and leaves the looper in overdub" button,
> and on playback there's no gap/click in the note.
> sorry, have to ask
> andy butler

>> I've done this in max/msp.  it could be left in overdub after setting
>>  the loop's end point or not depending on how the program ("patch") 
>> was
>>  set up.  if I was so inclined I could set up 2 buttons, one that ends
>>  record and leaves the looper in overdub, and one that takes it out of
>>  overdub.
>>  -nathan