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RE: reaktor, MSP, etc

> The inverse of this is buying software that becomes unsupported.
> . . .

Yes!  Now if copyrights (or some effective anti-piracy method) worked like

I always liked the *idea* that filing a patent granted the inventor
protection for awhile (presumably so they could profit from their efforts)
in return for a public disclosure of their invention.  Perhaps commercial
software, if filed for government protection, should be required to be

> I think you'd just have to make the looper so complicated that you'd
> need a manual.  People would come on to LD to ask questions and we'd
> just say, " chapter 4 has it" and they'd say, "we don't have the
> manual."  Then Kim and I go over and break their knees.  Easy!

("Pretty nice loop ya got's there...a pity if something wouldst ta happen 
it..." :)

Or use a dongle that looks like a 1-space rack mount unit with 4 knobs, 8
buttons, a power switch and a display on the front...

Dennis Leas