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Re: reaktor, MSP, etc

On Monday, August 25, 2003, at 06:58  PM, Dennis W. Leas wrote:
> 4) I really wish software could be delivered without risking piracy.  
> I'm
> sure we would have many more fine products available if piracy could be
> prevented.  Personally, I think Matthias and Kim would be nuts to 
> release a
> software only EDP.

The inverse of this is buying software that becomes unsupported.  I 
spent $350 on a suite of MAS plug ins that I used a LOT.  They're 
talking about doing OSX versions, but "no time soon" has been their 
line for a year.

I think you'd just have to make the looper so complicated that you'd 
need a manual.  People would come on to LD to ask questions and we'd 
just say, " chapter 4 has it" and they'd say, "we don't have the 
manual."  Then Kim and I go over and break their knees.  Easy!

Mark Sottilaro