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Re: Stereo EDP -- some statistics and an opinion...

> Adopting Curmudgeonly Kirkdorffer Persona:
> Stereo shmereo - what a paper tiger!! - a few thoughts:
> 1) all natural (as opposed to electrically enhanced) instruments are 
> 2) I'm guessing 80% of Looper-Delight readers are electric guitarists. 
> Anyone?)
> 3) Electric guitars, bases, violins, tubas, bazookis, kazoos,  and voice 
> all mono.
> 4) If you're creating a stereo field with your instrument, you're likely
> going through a few pieces of gear to artificially create that field --
> OR -- you're playing some kind of (somewhat) more upscale or esoteric
> electronic instrument -- a groovebox or keyboard/synthesizer for example.
> 5) If it's been important to you to buy the tools to create the stereo
> field -- you've decided it's worth spending the money to get to stereo --
> cool.  And you have a stereo amp, and two monitors.
> 6) If you can afford stereo-enabling devices -- you probably have more 
> one of them.
> 7) If you can afford to invest in stereo devices, can afford two monitors
> and have a stereo amp, you are probably a lot closer to affording a 
> EDP than you're letting on.

wow-so succinct-wish i'd written that-or could