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RE: reaktor, MSP, etc

...trying to respond to several points made today...

1) Writing a "full-featured" looper is *a lot* harder than it seems.  But
some of the tough issues dealt with in the EDP do disappear when using 
like Max/MSP, Kyma, etc.  For example, synchronizing multiple loops in Kyma
is easy since all loops run on the same hardware platform.  You don't need
MIDI or brother syncing to maintain phase accurate loops.  Of course,
syncing to a external signal remains problematic without special effort.

2) A full-featured looper is a little like building a house that meets
everybody's needs.  You end up with a lot of room additions and garages 
most folks don't need or aren't interested in.  (Perhaps they get lost
wandering through the house of many rooms 'cause they don't want to look at
the house plans.)  On the other hand, if you're going to buy just one 
you might as well make it a mansion.

But if you can quickly build a house, perhaps you'll include only those
features you need right now.  (Like extra bathrooms and a wet-bar if you're
having a party.)  You may not want to live there in the long term but it
fits your current needs.

3) When you create your own loopers, it's hard to talk about them in a
community like we do our EDPs/Repeaters/DL-4s/etc.  Their design becomes so
personal, we lack the context to understand how they're used.  In this 
they're like building your own instrument or creating your own language.

I see a need for both full-featured loopers and custom-made ones.

4) I really wish software could be delivered without risking piracy.  I'm
sure we would have many more fine products available if piracy could be
prevented.  Personally, I think Matthias and Kim would be nuts to release a
software only EDP.