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Re: -Having some fun!...

 Cara and Mark, I would like to offer my services as producer for your CD
project. I'd like to produce you in a heavy handed, Phil Spectorish way.
Endless takes, verbal abuse, holding you both virtually captive ala Ronnie
Spector, I'd utilize all of these tactics to really draw the animosity and
creative juices out of you both. Doesn't that sound fun? But wait, there's
more. Once the CD is finished, and has received universal critical praise,
and selling a boat load of copies, I'll conspire with my crack team of
lawyers to bilk you both out of the royalties, and when you protest, I'll
just hire some Milli Vanilli types to take your places on the world wide
tour. Whadaya think Cara, Mark? Hello?

Your Pal