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Re: Stereo EDP

>On Sunday, August 24, 2003, at 11:55 PM, Travis wrote:
>>I think what you've got is a case of champagne taste and beer budget.

At 12:15 AM 8/25/2003, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>PLEASE.  I had a decent guitar (that I had purchased before college)
>and amp but was mostly broke during college.  There was no way I could
>have afforded an EDP at any point while I was in school.  After rent
>and tuition and supplies (art school) there was little left for gear.

me neither. In college I played the same $250 guitar I got when I was 13. 
But then I got a real job and saved my money. Three years after finishing 
college I bought a $4000 guitar and a $2000 guitar amp. I'm sure glad I 
didn't go to art school!

Now I want a carrera 4 cabriolet. or dare I dream? a 911 GT2. 0-60 in 4.1 
sec, and Travis can eat my dust with his 5 second weeny mobile. But how 
dare they charge $181,000 for a car! Who do they think will buy it? Those 
bastards are trying to rip me off. Rich guys never drive those cars to 
their full potential, but I would. They should price it the same as a 
civic, or at least a lexus. (C'mon folks, help me out. The paypal donation 
link is on the LD website. I really do need that car.)

But kidding aside, the primary customers for musical instrument companies 
are professionals who mostly don't play music for a living and have 
disposable income. They buy stuff for themselves and their kids, as part 
their music playing hobby. That's who instrument companies care about. 
people don't buy anything, because they have no money. So the instrument 
industry doesn't design products for them. If you sell a product with a 
lower price, do the poor people start buying it? No, they don't, because 
they still don't have any money. Your product just starts to fall into the 
impulse buy category for more people, where they don't have to ask their 
spouse or deny their kids an x-box before purchasing it. It's still the 
people with money who are buying it, and those are still the people you 
care about. Whether poor people think it is expensive or not doesn't 
matter, because no matter what price it is they don't ever buy it anyway.


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