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Re: reaktor, MSP, etc

>  > or incompatible, that's another worry. There are many people who 
>>  music based on computers and software available in the 80's who cannot
>>  that music anymore today. It's kind of sad really.
>I'm interested - could you give examples? There are emulators for
>practically everything these days, and I wasn't aware that anything that
>used to be made had functionalities that we don't have any more.
well, for example, I have a few hundred custom DX-7 patches I 
programmed in Opcode's Galaxy back in the late 80's. Opcode died, and 
the Galaxy file format died with them. AFAIK, none of the modern DX 
emulators, like FM-7, etc, will import Galaxy patches. I suppose I 
could dig an old mac out of the closet, hook it up to my DX, export 
the patches a bank at a time into the DX, export them as sysex back 
to the computer., load them into DX, yeah, I'll do that the next time 
I have a free week...