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What price to loop?

 I got an EDP the first year they came out, on layaway for 4 months. It
was my first looper. I drive a minivan, and teach guitar for a living- I
am not dirt poor, but could probably qualify as a starving artist during
some months. I constantly upgrade my gear by a combination of research,
selling what I have (sometimes re-buying what I have sold...how many of
you do that? Or is it just me?), etc. A purchase of $800 is a major
investment, but I do happen to own a $3k guitar (I saved that up). My
point is, if you want it, then you *can* get it, somehow. Layaway,
credit cards, benefactor, parents, etc. Look, my take is, if your car
breaks down and you have no way to get to work, you will scramble to get
$1000 together to get a working car. For me, I read a review about the
EDP in Guitar Player, and knew this thing would change my musical life
forever. It has. It was that important to me. Now, several years later,
I would love another one.  I have spent lots more on gear since I got my
EDP, so I guess it isn't as important to go stereo as it was to have 1
mono EDP. Yeah it would be 'nice' but it is no big deal. Being 'nice'
isn't worth $800 to me.

Dave Eichenberger 

> How many people here on the list bought the EDP as their 
> first looper, 
> without first being introduced to it through some other looper first 
> (boomerang, DL4, Jam Man, etc)? I could be overgeneralizing 
> here, but it 
> seems like most of the posts I've read from people state that 
> they started 
> looping on something else first . . .