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RE: What price to loop?

Title: RE: What price to loop?

True. . . .actually some of the poorest musicians have some of the best gear - since it is their livelihood and passion, and that is all they spend their money on.


>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: future perfect [mailto:artists@hazardfactor.com]
>>Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 11:47 PM
>>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>>Subject: What price to loop?
>> I got an EDP the first year they came out, on layaway for 4
>>months. It was my first looper. I drive a minivan, and teach
>>guitar for a living- I am not dirt poor, but could probably
>>qualify as a starving artist during some months. I constantly
>>upgrade my gear by a combination of research, selling what I
>>have (sometimes re-buying what I have sold...how many of you
>>do that? Or is it just me?), etc. A purchase of $800 is a
>>major investment, but I do happen to own a $3k guitar (I
>>saved that up). My point is, if you want it, then you *can*
>>get it, somehow. Layaway, credit cards, benefactor, parents,
>>etc. Look, my take is, if your car breaks down and you have
>>no way to get to work, you will scramble to get $1000
>>together to get a working car. For me, I read a review about
>>the EDP in Guitar Player, and knew this thing would change my
>>musical life forever. It has. It was that important to me.
>>Now, several years later, I would love another one.  I have
>>spent lots more on gear since I got my EDP, so I guess it
>>isn't as important to go stereo as it was to have 1 mono EDP.
>>Yeah it would be 'nice' but it is no big deal. Being 'nice'
>>isn't worth $800 to me.
>>Dave Eichenberger
>>> How many people here on the list bought the EDP as their
>>> first looper,
>>> without first being introduced to it through some other
>>looper first
>>> (boomerang, DL4, Jam Man, etc)? I could be overgeneralizing
>>> here, but it
>>> seems like most of the posts I've read from people state that
>>> they started
>>> looping on something else first . . .