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Re: Cranky Dissy Posts


> People don't like being told they aren't the intended customer.

Too right! Apparently whole countries can be "not the intended 

I live in Denmark (for the geographically challenged, that's the little 
pointy bit sticking out the top of Germany). Last week I was in the 
largest music shop in the country to ask about the price of an EDP. For 
a start the salesman had never heard of the EDP. Hmm ... After showing 
him the Gibson/Echoplex website he promised to contact the importer for 
a price and get back to me. He phoned today to inform me that he was 
sorry, but since the country's only Gibson importer refused to import 
EDPs ("no demand"), he couldn't give me a price! Brilliant! He 
suggested I try and find one on the net ...

Now the only European online shop, I've been able to find, that lists 
EDPs is in southern Germany and charges over 1300 a pop + transport 
and without the footpedal. That's well in excess of 1400 US dollars 
with no local support service!

And you Yanks start snivelling 'cause you have to pay a paltry $800 for 
an EDP at your *local* dealer. 


  Ian Petersen