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Re: recent favorite Loping CDs...

   Well I have definitely been enjoying Matthias Grob's new CD. I am 
looking forward to Andre's new one and have been digging a CD from 
Darin Schaffer.


   I came across Mr. Schaffer one day as he was playing out of his van 
in front of Haight Ashbury music on Haight St. He had a bass, some 
other effects and at least one, maybe two Echoplexi. He was playing 
through a little amp or PA system but had a fantastic sound going 
considering the environment.

   Frankly Andre has so many tracks available as downloads, I could 
spend months just soaking them up. Hopefully 2003 will still see the 
release of a new Splattercell CD.

On Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 07:06 PM, David wrote:

> Question -- in 2003, what cool new music have people been checking out
> containing a high proportion of performance-based looping (as opposed 
> to
> studio clips that are sequenced/sampled...)???
> Kranky Kirkdorffer