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Re: recent favorite Loping CDs...

   Also, heavy rotation from a band called Telectu. This is a duo from 
Portugal, and they seem to be largely unknown outside of certain 
European jazz circles. Not strictly looping music, but to my ears there 
seems to be quite a bit on albums like Evil Metal and Theremin Tao. The 
guitarist part of the duo, Victor Rua, plays this mutant 18 string 
midified geetar.
   Practically the only place to find Telectu CD's is Chris Cutler's ReR 
Megacorp or if you are lucky enough to live in Manhattan, Downtown 
Music Gallery.


Probably the best English profile of Telectu is here;


Picture of Victor Rua and his guitar;


On Wednesday, August 27, 2003, at 01:58 PM, Greg Kucharo wrote:

>   Well I have definitely been enjoying Matthias Grob's new CD. I am 
> looking forward to Andre's new one and have been digging a CD from 
> Darin Schaffer.
> www.darinschaffer.com
>   I came across Mr. Schaffer one day as he was playing out of his van 
> in front of Haight Ashbury music on Haight St. He had a bass, some 
> other effects and at least one, maybe two Echoplexi. He was playing 
> through a little amp or PA system but had a fantastic sound going 
> considering the environment.
>   Frankly Andre has so many tracks available as downloads, I could 
> spend months just soaking them up. Hopefully 2003 will still see the 
> release of a new Splattercell CD.
> On Tuesday, August 26, 2003, at 07:06 PM, David wrote:
>> Question -- in 2003, what cool new music have people been checking out
>> containing a high proportion of performance-based looping (as opposed 
>> to
>> studio clips that are sequenced/sampled...)???
>> Kranky Kirkdorffer