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Re: recent favorite Loping CDs...

I snagged Steve Lawson's CD "not dancing for chicken" offa CD Baby a
while back and was blown away by it.  All live looping and playing.  It
caused me to seriously rethink, and ultimately replace, my last looper.
   Since then I have picked up "and nothing but the bass" as well as the
"Conversations" CD with Jez Carr.  All of it is very tasty, while
keeping to the ambient space-jazz side of the tracks.  That is cool
with me!  A little ambient space jazz never hurt anyone.

I have run into Steve on a few bassist forums and had been listening to
the MP3 stuff on his website for a while before I sprung for the CD.
I'm glad that I did.  http://www.steve-lawson.co.uk/home.htm is where
to get yer browza pointed.

Pesky Petenheimer

On Tuesday, Aug 26, 2003, at 22:06 US/Eastern, David wrote:

> Question -- in 2003, what cool new music have people been checking out
> containing a high proportion of performance-based looping (as opposed 
> to
> studio clips that are sequenced/sampled...)???
> Kranky Kirkdorffer