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Re: recent favorite Loping CDs...

I've done some work (mastering) with "molotov arc" which is acoustic 
guitar looping that includes a lot of prepared guitar, happy accidents, 
and "monsoon at the aviary" kind of soundscapes.  Really interesting 
stuff and you can check it out at CD Baby by searching for "molotov" 
and looking for molotov arc.  I've done some bass looping with molotov, 
live performance, and it was a blast.


On Tuesday, Aug 26, 2003, at 22:06 US/Eastern, David wrote:

> Question -- in 2003, what cool new music have people been checking out
> containing a high proportion of performance-based looping (as opposed 
> to
> studio clips that are sequenced/sampled...)???
> Kranky Kirkdorffer