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RE: recent favorite Loping CDs...

I got a little PayPal money from sales of my guitar sampling CD and
ordered Flux Aeterna, recorded by Ted Killian. For some weeks it has
been my favorite CD (not only my favorite Looping CD) and I love it even
though I have now learned from this list that Ted Is Canned ;-)  To my
ears it's nice with music that doesn't try to follow any specific idiom.
It speaks to me. 

When I first discoverd Teds music this summer I was listening to mp3
files over the net and completely forgot to keep the volume down
(computer connected to studio nearfield monitors and sub woofer) until
Rick Walker bounced out from the tiny room he had been sleeping in and
asked with a broad smile, still half asleep, "Was that you playing?"
(Thanks, for the compliment Rick ;-)

Best wishes

Per Boysen