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HELP!!! Echoplex footswitch part number?

Loopers deluxe,

    Just a plea for help trying to find the exact replacement part to fix 
Echoplex footswitches. I use a MIDI controller (PMC-10) most of the time 
I would like to fix up my EFC-7 as the record footswitch doesn't work any
more. I've tried searching the LD website and mailing list archives and 
up with a mouser part number 103-50211 which is definitely NOT the correct
part for the EFC-7 footswitch (I ordered a bunch of them and now have to
send them back because they are too small).  I thought there would be info
in the Echoplex footpedal tutorial but surprisingly there isn't anything
there. Can anyone please help me?  I have basic soldering skills so I can
fix the pedal but I don't know enough about electronics to know which
switches, etc are the correct ones. Mousers' online catalogue is huge and
there are thousands of switches and parts, it's overwhelming!

Thanks in advance!