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Re: HELP!!! Echoplex footswitch part number?

sorry, I think I gave the wrong part# once and it's in the archives.

The footswitch part# is:

10PA005 at http://www.mouser.com


106112 at http://www.jameco.com

the switch is made by a company called Mountain Switch, and their part# is 

They are simple to replace with minimal soldering.

hope I got it right this time!

At 06:38 PM 8/30/2003, Ed  Drake wrote:
>Loopers deluxe,
>     Just a plea for help trying to find the exact replacement part to 
>fix my
>Echoplex footswitches. I use a MIDI controller (PMC-10) most of the time 
>I would like to fix up my EFC-7 as the record footswitch doesn't work any
>more. I've tried searching the LD website and mailing list archives and 
>up with a mouser part number 103-50211 which is definitely NOT the correct
>part for the EFC-7 footswitch (I ordered a bunch of them and now have to
>send them back because they are too small).  I thought there would be info
>in the Echoplex footpedal tutorial but surprisingly there isn't anything
>there. Can anyone please help me?  I have basic soldering skills so I can
>fix the pedal but I don't know enough about electronics to know which
>switches, etc are the correct ones. Mousers' online catalogue is huge and
>there are thousands of switches and parts, it's overwhelming!
>Thanks in advance!

Kim Flint                     | Looper's Delight
kflint@loopers-delight.com    | http://www.loopers-delight.com