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RE: recent favorite Loping CDs... ("Canned.....")

> From: ArsOcarina@aol.com [mailto:ArsOcarina@aol.com]

Hi Ted,

> Thanks for the plug. 

Oh, I was only telling about my own tastes for music ;-)

> Just to clarify, 4 pieces out of the 10 on the 
> "Flux Aeterna" CD have no "canned" looping at all, 

Sure, I know. Read your specification chart with the greatest interest.
The expression "Ted IS Canned" was put there more for the sake of joke,
referring to another post, (hence the smiley). But maybe that expression
is more fun to my originally Swedish ears than to others. I'm sorry if
that is how it came out. I will indeed be more careful in the future
when posting things like that. You also have to think about eventual
newcomers on the list that might read a post without knowing the
specific background. To me it was so obvious that "Ted is NOT canned"
and I thought posting it the way I did was a good way of making the
point that "canned or not canned is not relevant for music". It could be
relevant though, if you are an artist with a very strong philosphical
concept based on "canned" (or "uncanned" ;-) 

Labelling music as "canned" or "not canned" is only for those who are
not in the first place interested in listening to what the music
actually speaks. I don't think it's such a big deal. If the music sounds
good it's simply good music! 

Personally I also love a lot of "canned" music. One example is The
Avalanches that splice together chunks of other artists music lifted off
records (can it be more "canned"?), another example is the KLF and of
course Negativeland even though, in that case, I like their concept and
attitudes more than the sound of the music.

Why can't I stop thinking of "Corned Beef" all the time? ....we have to
stop this  "canned" thread ;-)

All the best