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RE: Narrowing the field (Re: Currently available looper music webpage)

> From: Greg Kucharo [mailto:telecaster@mac.com] 

>    I've been thinking of putting up a centralized website 
> that points to 
> everyone's currently available CD's and online music. 

> Would anyone find this useful, if for no other reason than a easy to 
> point at promotional device?

Yes. A very good idea that is!

> From: Andre LaFosse [mailto:altruist@earthlink.net] 

> So things like style descriptions and such could be optional, 
> sure.  But to me, that sort of "pigeonholing" is actually a 
> very valuable and important way of getting one's music to the 
> appropriate audience.  It's a tool for cutting through the 
> immense amount of information out there, and "branding" 
> onesself in such a way that interested people (listeners 
> and/or customers) will be more curious and inclined to hear 
> what a person is doing.  
> And that, to me, is the fundamental challenge in getting your 
> music heard/purchased by people: how do you make people, who 
> would like what you do, want to hear what you do in the first 
> place?  If you're going to go about setting up such a page, 
> then I think this is the main issue to be addressed.

I think Andre says something very important here! That IS the way the
internet works. You might not like to label your music but this
(promotional) tool is sharp, and it's free. I also agree with his
suggestion for search words. Good thinking, Andre! :-)

Best wishes

Per Boysen