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Re: recent favorite Loping CDs...


Thanks for the plug. Just to clarify, 4 pieces out of the 10 on the 
"Flux Aeterna" CD have no "canned" looping at all, just me and my 
EDP and my MIDIfied Gibson RD Artist (and rack of processors,
as if that weren't enough).

"Last Sparrow" (track 4); "Recurvate Plaint" (track 5); "Convocation 
Solitaire" (track 8); and the title track "Flux Aeterna" (track 10); 
are all guitar/synth and EDP "live" looping, and nothing else.

"Nocturnal interstices" (track 6) only has a loop of rain falling and 
cars passing on wet streets, all else is live (I believe) on that piece.

The other pieces have more canned loops (mostly rhythmic stuff).
But there were also some sounds that I created on my computer 
here and there that would've been darn near impossible to play 
any other way.

Thanks for the kind word about my work. I hope it wasn't too much
of a letdown to find that some of the pieces (mostly the "rockish"
pieces) have canned loops played on a Boss SP-303 sampler.

I've been enjoying the discs you sent me too . . . it's quite amazing
how you play so many instruments so well. I'm especially jealous
of sax players because that's the instrument I begged my parents
to get me lessons on as a kid. However, I was asthmatic then and
it was an impossible to fulfill desire at the time (health-wise). So, 
I took up the guitar instead.

In a message dated 8/30/03 5:55:46 AM, per@boysen.se writes:

>I got a little PayPal money from sales of my guitar sampling CD and
>ordered Flux Aeterna, recorded by Ted Killian. For some weeks it has
>been my favorite CD (not only my favorite Looping CD) and I love it even
>though I have now learned from this list that Ted Is Canned ;-)  To my
>ears it's nice with music that doesn't try to follow any specific idiom.
>It speaks to me. 

tEd  kiLLiAn