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Subject: Fighting and Emotions at Loopers Delight

 >next pertinent question:  Why can't the Europeans get the EDP and at a
 >comparable price?

Because just about everything costs more in Europe?  I thought the 
European tradeoff was cheap healthcare, lower murder rate, and great 
soccer coverage versus cheap and plentiful consumer goods.

There's taxes, exchange rates, higher cost of living [driving up retail 
overhead], etc.  I think there was also some electrical certification 
that had to happen, that costs money also, which gets added on to the 

Whenever I've visited England I couldn't finding a good deal on the 
English gear, and all the imported gear seemed to have the same price 
tag as in the states, but with a "pound sterling" replacing the dollar 
sign.  I think the only way the Europeans could get a comparable price 
is if Gibson lowered their profit margin, and we've already seen that 
they're not too interested in that.

Speaking of which, Kim pointed out that Gibson was selling all they 
could make, and someone suggested that they should increase production. 
  There may be factors which prevent that from being a scalable factor, 
such as overall manufacturing capacity being maxed out, constraints on 
third-party part supply, and so on.