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Re: Subject: Fighting and Emotions at Loopers Delight

At 07:37 AM 8/28/2003, Travis wrote:
> >next pertinent question:  Why can't the Europeans get the EDP and at a
> >comparable price?
>Because just about everything costs more in Europe?  I thought the 
>European tradeoff was cheap healthcare, lower murder rate, and great 
>soccer coverage versus cheap and plentiful consumer goods.

No, there really is something screwed up with European pricing of 
echoplexes right now. It's not economics, just something that hasn't been 
sorted out yet. The old Echoplex wasn't available in Europe at all because 
it didn't meet ce requirements. The new EDP Plus meets CE and should be 
available there, but for some reason they haven't gotten it sorted out 
right with the european distributors yet. New people, new product, 
unfamiliar processes, etc.


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