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Re: Kranky Kim

I think with your Ebow and me playing Ebow and Sustainiac AT THE SAME 
TIME will bring him to his knees!  MWAH HA HA!

Mark Sottilaro
PS, weirdly enough, I've never tried Ebow and Sustainiac at the same 

On Thursday, August 28, 2003, at 09:41  AM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> I'm in if I can just play an E-Bow note to encourage his krankitude.
> Mark
> on 8/28/03 12:49 AM, William R. Walker, at chillyb@cruzio.com wrote:
>>> I'll only allow it if I can be the singer. (I assume it won't 
>>> require any
>>> singing ability.)  I want Mark and Cara to be the cage 
>>> dancers/wrestlers.
>>> kim
>> You're On Dude, Now all we need is a drummer and bass player, and 
>> maybe a
>> few more guitar players. Is it OK if Cara plays some guitar as well 
>> as cage
>> dance/wrestle?  Any one on the list wanna join KRANKY KIM? I'm kinda 
>> hoping
>> this will be a truly international band even though it will make 
>> rehearsals
>> a little difficult...
>> Bill