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Re: Bad Kim, Bad Kim

On Thursday, August 28, 2003, at 09:11  AM, harvey starr wrote:
> Kim is right, sad to say. I sympathize 1000%. I agonize over setting 
> prices for our controllers.

Here is why I think Kim is not right. (although I'll admit that I don't 
know all the politics and factors that are involved in making a product 
like the EDP)  There are thousands of guitars for people to choose 
from, starting at $50.  If you want a looper that syncs to MIDI and had 
controllable feedback, there are how many?  The tools page shows 3.

Here's why that should scare the fuck out of all of you, EDP users and 
otherwise.  The EDP can't go on forever.  It's production is pretty 
stable at this point, but at some point some of it's components will 
stop being made.  My guess is the RAM will be first to go.  It's the 
way of all electronic gear.  I've heard both Kim and Matthais complain 
about how hard it was/is to get the EDP manufactured.  What if Gibson 
decides that it's just not going to bother on such a small niche 
product?  Then where the hell will we be?  We're all comfortable now, 
but I remember a time when you couldn't get an EDP new and used ones 
were very scarce.  I fear that will happen again

Most of my desire for a cheap EDP has little to do with me.  I've got a 
looper that works well for me and I don't actually think I'd buy an EDP 
at this point even if it was $400.  Why do I think it would be better 
for all of us if they did sell for that?  I think in retail there is a 
magic number (called "price point" in the biz) where people will buy a 
piece of non instrument music gear with less debate.  Retailers know 
about this and would be a lot more likely to stock an item which would 
get more people exposed to an EDP.  It all snowballs from there... or 
not.  I think it would.

> Having said all that, M-Audio somewhat disproves my point in that 
> they've grown a full line of affordable useful gadgets. A wonderful 
> comany! The secret? China.
> harveyS