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Re: Bad Kim, Bad Kim

At 09:23 AM 8/28/2003, Kevin Cheli-Colando wrote:

> > M-Audio somewhat disproves my point in that they've grown a full line 
> > affordable useful gadgets. A wonderful comany! The secret? China.
>China didn't save Electrix

Electrix didn't have the volume to make China cheap. There is extra 
administrative burden and longer lead times that add some base cost. 
Divided over large numbers of units, that's negligible. But at low volumes 
it doesn't make sense to do it. (although the volumes where it makes sense 
have dropped significantly over the years.)  Electrix also had a 
ridiculously costly hardware design, with a lot of pieces to assemble, way 
too many assembly steps, many custom parts, too many paint colors, etc. It 
looked pretty, but doesn't make sense for a low volume, niche musical 
instrument product. For something more generic like a mixer you could 
probably make that work.


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