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Fighting and Emotions at Loopers Delight

Dear Loopers,

Much as I disagree with Kim's point of view (even to the point of feeling
triggered and getting angry by it)
I realize that we are not our emotions.    We merely have them and if we
feel them fully
they pass through us and don't control us.

I think it is perfectly okay to get angry and express it, because it helps
one from stuffing
feelings which really lead to dysfunctional behaviour.

The fact of the matter is that I have pissed Kim off in the past and he has
pissed me off in the past.
I still think of him as my friend.  I hope he still thinks of me as a
friend.    My working definition of
intimacy is having the ability to share both positive and negative feelings
with someone who you
are friends or lovers or family with.....................and always 
to meet on the other side
with a new appreciation of that person.     Someone once said,  "You cannot
truly love what you
don't know."

Consequently, I think this thread on the economics of the EDP has been
fascinating, stimulating,
adrenalin producing and a good thing.

To me it's all good as long as we are not abusive with each other.      The
only thing I really regret
at all is that much of the thread has been titled 'Cranky Kim'.     I know
he probably isn't at all fazed by this
and, knowing him a little, he probably even gets some perverse glee out of
it, but I think
we'll be the most productive if we keep the personalities out of it and
stick to the ideas.

next pertinent question:  Why can't the Europeans get the EDP and at a
comparable price?

my two cents,   Rick