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Re: Fighting and Emotions at Loopers Delight

> From: "Rick Walker/Loop.pooL" <GLOBAL@cruzio.com>
> Subject: Fighting and Emotions at Loopers Delight

Hey Rick, Kim, Andre...

I know I've had my go-rounds with all of you as well, but I'm still amazed
and humbled by your herculean efforts in your individual pursuit of your
looping muse. You guys are all amazing!

> I think it is perfectly okay to get angry and express it, because it 
one from stuffing feelings which really lead to dysfunctional behaviour.

That's why I race skateboards, and generally get out and do hard physical
exercise. Boogie boarding with my son and beach stuff. It's all amazingly
therapeutic and cleansing emotionally. But I am mad as hell about any 
of things, but doing my best to keep playing music and appreciating my good
health, and the good things I'm involved in.

> Consequently, I think this thread on the economics of the EDP has been
fascinating, stimulating, adrenalin producing and a good thing.

I like the cold economic facts as well. EDP is startlingly beyond what 
loopers are capable of and the street price is probably fair. Sure I'm 
and want everything free, but not at the expense of another's dignity, and
their right to fair exchange for their hard efforts.

When I hear someone say they only hit record and overdub, and play with
feedback, my mind screams...

WHAT ABOUT MULTIPLY!!! That alone is so far beyond what all the other boxes
do, easy to grasp, and incredibly useful. It gets that first rythmic cycle
going fast and allows you to get down to other business immediately. Ending
it with record can grab a chunk of a longer loop to pare it down. NOT
POSSIBLE ANYWHERE ELSE IN REAL TIME. The multiply again, and again, and
again. Repeat until mutated.

WHAT ABOUT INSERT??? Need some quick beeps and blips? No problem... Want to
build a larger structure? Quantized Insert is just the ticket. Granulate?
Dance away, like your killing cockroaches!

Or how about susOverdub? More beeps and blips cutting off Attack and Decay

NEXTLOOP up to 9 loops??? 9 ways to mutate your loop? Do you need 

Come on gang don't waste your edp's brain power... it's simple to explore
these things creatively, and by doing so you realize that you can create
very sophisticated forms with these tools. Sure feedback looping is great,
but sheesh... it's been around since the first long delay was available. 
incredibly long ago was that?

Best regards to all!
Miko Biffle | biffoz@arczip.com
"Do you really want to know how it all works out?"
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Now playing: "Rough" | http://cdbaby.com/cd/biffoz