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Re: ambiloops- any users?

I'm *sorry* (more people should learn to say that simple word) about the tone of that remark (Mercury, planet of communication+ Mars), I'm on the ambi list- I was just looking for some practical-experience type feedback, especially if there's *one* aspect of the program that would kill it for my purposes (I work in some strange ways). I don't see much info coming through the list, and have terminal AOL problems that keep corrupting my browser so I can't get beyond my email shell most of the time :( so web searching ain't happening lately. If it looked like the ambi would work for me I'd slap together a dedicated low-power pc, but I just don't have enough info to know whether it would be worth the effort. So many of the looping devices discussed here seem to get 99% of the way to perfection and then stumble on some point.

So, I'll ask again- any ambiloop users on this list? And what has using the program meant to you?



In a message dated 8/27/03 2:02:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time, cpr@musetrap.com writes:


I'm kinda biased (I do all the midi development in ambiloop), so I can't
really comment on this, but there are a few people (80 or so) signed up
on the ambiloop group at yahoo who might have some feedback for you... :)


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