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NYC: 8/30/2003 -> Electric Ambient Tuba & Microtonal Just Intonationguitar

NYC: 8/30/2003 -> Electric Ambient Tuba & Microtonal Just Intonation guitar

          Electric Ambient Tuba from Los Angeles

          Microtonal Just Intonation guitar
          echoes, loops, drones and minimalism.

Saturday, August 30, 2003
8 p.m. at
The Three Jewels
211 East 5th Street, (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues), N.Y.C., N.Y. 10003
Donations to Three Jewels welcome
(212) 475-6650, http://www.threejewels.org

Solo, duo and maybe even a special guest?

"...a rich and sonorous aural experience that flies in the face of
all the dumb cliches about what tuba music is."  - Richard Zvonar, Ph.D

"i love tom's music; if you don't go to hear him when ya can, well..... 
your loss!"
- david torn / splattercell

"Beardsley played his maxi-fretted guitar through a volume pedal,
a looping device and other effects to create swirling layers of meditative
droning. Throbbing close tones made it a vibration-oriented experience." 
- Josef Woodard, LA Times

"Beardsley sculpts tones into overpowering moods.... clearly - in its 
glacial tension and release
it offered the essential outlines of symphonic form, stripped of surface 
- Kyle Gann, the Village Voice, New York City


* David Beardsley
* microtonal guitar
* http://biink.com/db