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Re: Cranky Kim

I think this points to the crux of this argument.  Well spoken Greg.  
However, the issue is, properly marketed (which I don't think a looper 
ever has been) how many EDPs could one sell?  Loopers are so amazing to 
all of us that I think we forget the non looping public has no 
interest.  I can't help but think if they were properly ordained, 
they'd flip out and almost everyone would have one in their rack (or 
floor)  On the other hand, maybe we're freaks and the issue is most 
musicians wouldn't buy an EDP even if it was $100

Mark Sottilaro

On Wednesday, August 27, 2003, at 09:50  AM, Greg House wrote:

>> Which part of "it sold out" isn't clear? They made all the ones they 
>> had
>> capacity to make. They all got sold. 100% capacity used, 100% sold.
> Very efficient, but that really doesn't say anything about the market. 
> If I make
> 10 widgets and I sell them all for $1000, that doesn't mean I couldn't 
> have sold
> 10,000 widgets at $500 if I'd made them. It also doesn't mean that I 
> couldn't
> have sold 30 widgets at $1000 each, if I'd made that many. It only 
> says I managed
> to find 10 people desperate enough for my widget to buy all I made at 
> the price I
> sold it at. It doesn't speak to the rest of the market.