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Re: SooperLooper-->any users?

--- not8ohm <not8ohm@iinet.net.au> wrote:

> Whilst I haven't had a chance to test out sooperlooper yet, I thought I 
> would point interested parties in the direction of the Planet CCRMA RPM 
> repository for Red Hat Linux which is hosted by Stanford Uni.  Its 
> basically a free online service for setting up and confiruing a stable, 
> software packed, low-latency Red Hat audio system. 

Yeah, I should have mentioned that too. Planet CCRMA (RedPlanet CD set) is
definitely helpful, since they collect things together. but they still 
don't have
a unified installation procedure (at least not last time I checked), so 
you had
to install packages manually, which kind of defeated some of the ease of 
use. But
at least they collected most of the primary packages you'd need in one 
place, and
that's a BIG help.

> Since the PureData application is quite easy to set up with this service 
> it makes for the simplest entry to setting up sooperlooper on a linux 
> machine.  If anyone is interested I will report back on progress with 
> this route when I rebuild my Red Hat machine, currently undergoing 

Please do! I'm very much interested in Linux audio solutions. I just got 
tired of
the hassle and never really had enough time to sort through all the issues 
I was
having with it myself.


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