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Re: SooperLooper-->any users?

hi all,

Whilst I haven't had a chance to test out sooperlooper yet, I thought I 
would point interested parties in the direction of the Planet CCRMA RPM 
repository for Red Hat Linux which is hosted by Stanford Uni.  Its 
basically a free online service for setting up and confiruing a stable, 
software packed, low-latency Red Hat audio system.  It is quite a 
streamlined solution for those not wanting to get too involved with the 
technical nittygritty, and it is well documented and supported, with 
frequent updates.

Since the PureData application is quite easy to set up with this service 
it makes for the simplest entry to setting up sooperlooper on a linux 
machine.  If anyone is interested I will report back on progress with 
this route when I rebuild my Red Hat machine, currently undergoing 


Michael Noble