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RE: SooperLooper-->any users?

--- Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:
> > I haven't been able to find anyone posting a review of 
> > Superlooper, the 
> > Linux app that claims to be a software EDP.  Has anyone done 
> > used this 
> > thing?
> > 
> > TravisH
> I'd like to see that too, please :-)  
> I just got myself a distro of Linux to have a look at the sooperlooper.
> But this will likely take a me long time since I also happened to be
> offered a lot of work the other day. And since I'm a poor (!) multi
> occupied freelance worker I can never afford to turn down clients. Now I
> have to put work in the first place and hopefully save up for some free
> time with Linux

Unless the state of audio on Linux has improved in the last few months 
since I
looked at it last, you're unlikely to see many people running stuff like
Sooperlooper because it depends on underlying stuff (ALSA, plugger, etc) 
that is
still very much in early development. Yes, it sort of works...sometimes. 
But I
found it was very difficult to get all the pieces aligned and installed 
enough to even try things out. It was still in that state where 
developers can work with it, but anyone who's not at that technical level 
going to struggle considerably. Plus, finding documentation and 
information that
isn't completely outdated is difficult. You have to monitor a dozen 
mailing lists
devoted primarily to development issues, some of which are VERY active, 
just to
get the info you need to set things up. And by the time you get that 
figured out,
the builds you have of things are outdated and you have to download new 
ones, and
yeah...they depend on other new builds, which you have to search out and 
yourself. It's not easy. If you want to devote a lot of time to it, and 
you enjoy
that sort of thing, it might be worthwhile, but it's wasn't ready for 
general use
when I investigated it (with the intention of doing a simple audio editing
system). I'm not a newbie, I've used Linux daily since 1996, but I'm not a


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