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RE: SooperLooper-->any users?

<citat vem="Greg House">
 If you want to devote a lot of time to it, and
> you enjoy
> that sort of thing, it might be worthwhile, but it's wasn't ready for
> general use
> when I investigated it (with the intention of doing a simple audio 
> system). I'm not a newbie, I've used Linux daily since 1996, but I'm not 
> developer.
> Greg

THanks, Greg. I guessed it would be like that. Anyway, I won't have the
time to look into Linux since I fell into some serious pc problems
yesterday. Still working on my main machine to get a system onto any of
the drives so I can get at the work I'm supposed to deliver soon... It has
already set me back 12 working hours :-(

Best wishes

Per Boysen
--> phone int 46 070 4416713