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Re: Cranky Kim

At 06:16 PM 8/27/2003, msottilaro wrote:
>That is actually a good point about EDPs too.  I've worked music retail 
>and have been a musician for 24 years and I've seen an EDP only twice (I 
>bought one of them) in a music store.  (one at Height Asbury Music with a 
>$1200 price tag on it and the one I bought at Banana's At Large in San 
>Rafael, CA) Some of the places I've shopped are pretty high end little 
>Why isn't the EDP in more stores?

In the early days of the Oberheim version it was. But after that there was 
always a large backorder list, and the demand was far greater than 
ability to make them. They were frequently not in stores because 
that was made was going to fill backorders for most of the history of the 
thing. Certainly you won't bother advertising in such a situation, that 
just makes the backlog worse and gets people angry at the wait, and its 
essentially a waste of money.

The struggle was always in getting the production going well enough to 
the demand, not in trying to increase sales. Over the past couple years 
that has finally found some success, thanks to the efforts of Andy and 
others from the Trace Elliot group. Now, with the Echoplex Plus the 
production side of things seems to be in very good shape. It's actually 
possible to go to a place like MF and find they have stock! That's a big 
success in my book, and it's the result of years of effort we've made in 
pushing things with the powers that be and helping out in every which way 
we could, usually without any pay to show for it. (or gratitude from the 
peanut gallery.)

>My guess is because the store owners don't think that they could sell an 
>audio looping device for what the EDP sells for.

Actually, they just couldn't get them most of the time, and the Gibson 
people weren't bothering to push them to stores since they already had a 
big order backlog. Sales people prefer to sell stuff sitting there in 
inventory that can be shipped today.

Since that situation is now finally improved, it is more likely that they 
would start to appear in stores.

>If you can sell as many EDPs as you can make, why lower the price?  Makes 
>sense.  But consider this:  What if EDPs were *actually* in stores and 
>Gibson did something to advertise and market them?  What might happen 
>then?  We'll probably never know.

Well, we might find out now. I hope so!


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