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Re: Cranky Kim

That is actually a good point about EDPs too.  I've worked music retail 
and have been a musician for 24 years and I've seen an EDP only twice 
(I bought one of them) in a music store.  (one at Height Asbury Music 
with a $1200 price tag on it and the one I bought at Banana's At Large 
in San Rafael, CA) Some of the places I've shopped are pretty high end 
little shops.

Why isn't the EDP in more stores?  My guess is because the store owners 
don't think that they could sell an audio looping device for what the 
EDP sells for.  They agree with me, or they'd stock them and have their 
sales people push them.  So I didn't make this up.

Most of the other things on Kim's list I see in stores all the time.  
Hmmmmmm.  I may not know more than Kim about hardware and getting a 
piece of it manufactured, but I'm sure of this.  I know retail much 
better than most.  If you can sell as many EDPs as you can make, why 
lower the price?  Makes sense.  But consider this:  What if EDPs were 
*actually* in stores and Gibson did something to advertise and market 
them?  What might happen then?  We'll probably never know.

My guess is that things like Reaktor will take off and that will be the 
introduction to most new loopers.  If people start posting their 
Reaktor looping patches it will be an easy in for most computer based 

Mark Sottilaro

On Wednesday, August 27, 2003, at 09:55  AM, | SquidLoop | wrote:

> :::
> :::I've never seen one in a store. I've only seen it in one catalog
> :::(Musicians
> :::Friend), and then only recently. I've never seen anyone actually
> using
> :::one in
> :::person. Yeah, I know...anecdotal.
> :::
> Rangs have been in the catalogs for years now. You probably just missed
> it or weren't looking for it. You can go to Guitar Center and check 'em
> out.