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Re: Cranky Kim

I did not feel either that this thread is a "fight" or something, but 
I feel like puting some things straighter:

>- It's not only to be expected that if an engineer makes something cool,
>they get to charge what the market will bear - it's only fair. This isn't 
>charity, though after seeing how much time and effort that the Aurisis 
>have put into the looping phenomenon, we might forget this. They are doing
>this to please themselves - not others - just like we make music 
>to please ourselves, and not others. Otherwise, we'ld be doing something
>other than art; charity work comes to mind.

I am part of Aurisis and dont share Kims opinion on price nor do I 
profit from EDPs high price, but suffer from the dificulty to sell it.
I alerted Gibson about the problem of the much higher prices in 
Europe - no answer yet...

The last 5 years, I had the impression I was doing the work on the 
EDP for others, it was not so pleasing for me, most of the time.

The relation to my instrument is totally different to the one to my car.
If I was more interested in cars than I music, I doubt I would treat 
the guitar the way I do treat my car.

As Peter Bienz said about his (loop) music driven primary school recently:
"The parents of my pupils start to understand that playing music is 
not similar to playing with a toy train."

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org